DARF Distribution Areas

Sales Representatives and Territory Covered

McNeil Marketing Company - Steve Prouty
541-979-8998 s.prouty@comcast.net
Covers entire state of Washington and eastern Oregon excluding the southern line below highway 20 and everything east of highway 395. (Coverage includes the city of Hines, Oregon).

McNeil Marketing Company - Brett Mathie
208-251-6774 bsjmathie@msn.com
Covers the entire state of Idaho, southeast Oregon including the line below highway 20 and everything east of highway 395. (Excludes the city of Hines, Oregon). Also covers the entire state of Utah with the exception of the dealers located in Washington and Iron counties and Montana.

KP Sales and Marketing, Inc. - Ken Pryzgoda
970-396-1995 ken@kpsaleseq.com
Covers entire state of Colorado, Wyoming, North West New Mexico (San Juan County) and Western Nebraska (including all areas west of U.S. 83").

Wheat Shock Equipment Sales, LLC - Glen "Chip" Nothern
785-201-7950 crnothern@gmail.com
covers the entire state of Kansas and Eastern Nebraska
(including all areas east of U.S. 83").

Nikkel Iron Works, direct - Cary Fowler
559-909-3075 farmsale@aol.com
Covers the entire state of California, Arizona, Nevada and southern Utah (Washington and Iron counties).

Nikkel Iron Works - Bruce Shannon
Nikkel Iron Works Direct Territory. Contact Bruce Shannon, 559-999-1014 bscoeq4u@aol.com.

Forward Farm Lines - Aaron Bauer, Sales Representative

P.O. Box 391, Reedsburg WI 53959
608- 408-7652
Covers Wisconsin, Minnesota, Iowa, Northern Illinois (I-80 North), South Dakota
and North Dakota. 

Pete Kimball Sales - Marcus Kimball
(314) 422-0394
Covers the states of Missouri and Southern Illinois (all counties south of Highway 136)

Harper Marketing Group - Galen Harper
(620) 874-0530
Covers the states of Indiana, Kentucky and Southern Ohio (all counties south of I-70)

Harco Ag Equipment – John (Jake) Harkness
Covers the Canadian Provinces of Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Prince Edward Island and Newfoundland